Why “Rap is ‘Crap’ Without the ‘C'” is a Garbage Statement

We have a habit of needing to declare things “the best”. Something always has to reign supreme. Music is no exception. We argue about which genre is the best, which artists is the best, which era…

In arguing about genres, many music snobs love throwing out that “Rap is ‘crap’ without the ‘C’.”
Horse shit.

This post is a direct refutation of that statement.
If you’re tired of hearing that and want a few arguments neatly wrapped up, so you don’t need to remember it all, just send this to the next person you hear spouting that garbage.

American standards, anyone?
People who mock rap’s use of samples as unoriginal seem to conveniently forget that there are artists who have made decades-longs careers out of singing songs other people have done.
Tony Bennet and Bing Crosby have been singing out of the Great American Songbook longer than I’ve been alive.
It’s Poetry 2.0
When a rapper has bars (meaning they’re crafty with words), it’s generally a skill with the technical aspects of putting rhymes together — just like poetry.
Whereas pop and even rock music generally has simplistic A,B,A,B, or A,B,C,D, rhyme schemes, rappers frequently turn those on their head in ways that would have ancient British bards taking note

Rap, accapella, tribal-type electronica are the only things you don’t need instruments for if you wanna talk about “natural”.
Saying rap’s not natural
1. Displays an understanding of human communication.
2. If you wanna get back to basic, then natural should be defined as something you don’t need man-made instruments for and that damn

Talking over a rhythm is about as natural as it gets.

These 3 are only the tip of the iceberg. We could go more into depth about beat matching, turntablism, the talent involved in a good remix, the ability to ride a beat but that’s a much longer conversation for another day.

For now, the points and videos above are enough to illustrate that “Rap is ‘crap’ without the ‘c'” is nothing more than opinion, rooted in no fact.

Hopefully, it leads to you having to listen to less garbage.