Culture Deserves To Die

Culture deserves to die and societies deserve to crumble.

Anything that can’t extricate itself from the empire it finds itself a part of doesn’t deserve to be sustained. Whenever culture becomes an agent of empire, it’s become a parasitic monstrosity that needs to be stopped from leaching people’s humanity—social cohesion be damned.

What good is social cohesion, when what binds a society together is repression, suppression and its oppression of its others?

Far from being a sign that society’s going to shit, exalted decadence and overindulgence indicates a healing crisis.

When used by society’s cultural curators—marketers, politicians, entertainment outlets—it signals desperate grasping… attempts to get the masses to buy into what they’re selling by speaking to people’s desire for pleasure… by numbing. Healthy people don’t need to habitually numb.

When indulged in by the people, decadent behavior signals a primal yearning to shed culture for the pleasure we know is our birthright. It indicates that we’re too far removed from nature.

The solution then is obvious: whatever getting back into alignment with what [our] nature(s) looks like—social cohesion be damned.