Human vs The Machine

We often use the words “human” and “humanity” synonymously with the words “society” and “civilization”.
This grim mistake compromises us and is costing us our faith in ourselves and our ability to do good.

All that’s required to be a human is to be yourself.
Being in touch with yourself situates you to be in touch with others.
A world full of people being themselves is mutually exclusive to destroying each other and Earth.
If you’re busy enjoying life, you have no time to destroy it.

On the contrary, societies and civilization require you not be yourself.
Destroying each other, Earth and its other inhabitants is perfectly permissible under a paradigm that prioritizes profit and narrowly defines progress.

So to continue defining ourselves as the destructive force that leaches our humanity from us makes no sense.

It’s like defining life as anti-life.
It’s liked defining love as hate.

Society is not who we are.
Civilization is not who we are.
Human is who we are.