Non-White Folx Were Not Responsible For Delivering a Biden Landslide

Before you fix your lips or Twitter fingers on Al Gore’s internet to tell non-white people everything we could’ve done to make a Joe Biden win a land slide, make sure you’ve first exhausted all of your talking points for combatting the apathy and ignorance of your white friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers. 

Then make sure you’ve looked up fifty-eleven talking points from fifty-eleven thinkpieces and exhausted those.

We still won’t have sent for you, but only then may you dare think of coming for us.

We told y’all long before 2016 about the shithole aspects of these misnamed United States. We told you that the struggle was coming for white people, that the neglect and outright abuse of our communities was the canary in the coal mine.

But did y’all listen?


It wasn’t you, so it wasn’t a white problem.

When our grievances were acknowledged as something experienced by white people, they were problems that only afflicted so-called white trash, or people that don’t try hard enough, or addicts, or crazy people.

But when the decimation of American industries, and influence of Big Pharma caused those of y’all who were formerly comfortable to become addicts, or crazy, or people trying harder than average who still couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel… then there were problems. 

Then it became time to take back this country.

The majority of those of y’all who didn’t think that way still let those of y’all that do have several free passes, for too long.

Even as we were telling y’all:

“This is serious”

“They’re not playing”

“Things will get worse for us”

y’all laughed off Paw Paw’s incessant Fox News watching, chain emails full of birtherism, and other conspiracy theories.

You sighed at people you know going to Tea Party rallies where effigies of Obama were burned, where pictures of him with a Hitler-stache were consistently present. But you were otherwise quiet. 

You ignored the slavemistress-esque tolerance and co-signs of Paw Paw’s behavior by your Karens… even as they increasingly showed their asses. You were more willing to play Devil’s Advocate™ to reason away our lived experiences than to actually empathize with them.

Not rocking the boat trumped anything we had to say, or how we felt.

So with all due respect, fuck how you feel about what else we could have done in this election cycle.

We did enough (and were long before the election), and will have to do even more to ensure your kinfolk don’t undo the progress we’ve managed to make.

So again: reflect before you fix your lips or Twitter fingers to tell us anything. 

Make sure that whatever you have to say acknowledges that it’s white people who got us into this mess, and be prepared to explain what you personally will be undertaking with your kinfolk to get us out of it.