On White Guys Jizzing Their Opinions: Who Asked You?

Listen, when I need you to cut down my beliefs, I’ll call you.
Until then, have a seat and shut the hell up.

If something I said sounds too woo woo for you, move on.

What does it do for me for you to tell me, “Oh, I don’t believe in that”?
Nothing. It’s not going to change my opinion.
It wasn’t something I needed to hear; it was something you felt you needed to say.
I’m not out here legislating or speaking against those without my beliefs.
They have no impact on you.

Yet, you feel the need to show me that you’re intellectually superior—logic, reason, blah blah blah.
You feel the need to shut down discussion with your declaration. Why?

Science isn’t unbiased and doesn’t prevent bias.
If anything, it codifies as much bias as it dispels, at least for now.

Didn’t Europeans justify colonialism and slavery using science?
Didn’t Nazis torture people in the name of science?
Modern science has been complicit in wrongdoing numerous times.
Modern science has also been wrong many times on things that our ancients already knew: dermatology, digestion, ship building… there’s more where that came from.

Just because you don’t yet know how to measure something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just because your brand of history leaves out something I subscribe to doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

You telling me you don’t believe as I do is arrogant.
It’s unnecessary.
You invoking science is ignorant about how facts and logic work.

At a personal best you’re trying to get into a pissing match with me and trying to invalidate what I’m saying. Why?
At a personal worst, you’re perpetuating as much ill logic as you think you’re speaking against and trying to make me out to be a fool. Why?
Either way: you’re jizzing opinions on me I didn’t ask for.

Also, who asked you?