Why I’m Not Checking for the JLaw Nudes

I have a confession: I googled Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked photos. Once. I looked at a few bikini shots, but hesitated on the naked search, and didn’t look any further. I won’t lie. Curiosity’s tugging at me. I’d like to see them… just because.

I’m Team JLaw, 100%. I think she’s talented. I live for the shit she says to the media. I think she’s hot.
What I don’t think is hot, and what I don’t live for is the way the JLaw leak happened. I hate the invasive way we treat celebrities in this society (as if they’re not humans, too), and I hate that these kinds of invasions of privacy are something female entertainers hafta be doubly on guard for. It wasn’t like she accidentally tweeted a twat shot. From all accounts I’ve seen, she was maliciously and intentionally hacked.

I also have an irrational (and entirely fantastic) notion that I’ll one day meet JLaw, probably in a diner, maybe a bar. We’ll end up having to wait. I’ll casually express my genuine admiration, either for a performance or something she’s said.
Low bar: We hang out for the night, chatting and laughing.
High bar: In talking about my work, she tells me she’s interested in something I wrote; I get to direct her in it. [I told you this was a fantasy. Stop judging me!]


In either one of the aforementioned scenarios, I’d hate to be looking at her thinking, “Wow. I forgot you were a human being I could run into at a diner when I purposely sought out what your snatch looks like.”